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Hailed as the largest academic consultancy of India, Global Arcus offers free counselling and scholarships to international students looking to pursue full-time academic studies, industrial training, summer projects, or internship in India. Our scholarships are extended to over 100 schools/universities. Over the last 9 years, 3000+ students have profited from them while pursuing their education in India. Whether we are coordinating with the Indian embassy for facilitating Student visa or counseling students in their home country in order to prepare them for study in India, we try to make every process hassle-free. When parents transfer money via our online transfer platforms, they feel the same effortless ease. There is no shortage of academic options for international students as the Indian higher education system has been expanding exponentially, adding as many as 20,000 colleges and 8 million students over the last decade. Global Arcus believes it has arrived on the international stage at just the right time. It is very rewarding to get encouraging testimonials from students who have benefitted from our programs. They regularly vouch for our efficiency, friendly-environment, warmth, care, and parent-like involvement. That's why our tagline is --- consider it done !!!

Students' Services

  • Study Visa For India

    We are helping students to get multiple entries study visa to India with coordination of Indian Embassy in African and SAARC nations. Visa process is now online and hassle free.

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  • Career Counselling To Students

    Global Arcus has started counselling A level students in their own schools to provide better career counselling and higher study opportunities in India. Click read more to know all courses.

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  • Money Transfer To Indian Schools

    We have associated with many banks so that transferring fees to Indian school/universities from your country is possible. Also added online transfer platform for hassle free transfer.

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  •  Address:  Global Arcus, D-2, Happy Villa,
     Old Europa, Pioneer Road, Near L.D.F Ratjomotse,Maseru, Lesotho. 

  • Global Arcus is offering free international flights for all students
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Arcus Care

  • Mauritania
    Mauritania Entrepreneur incubation services that helps youth develop their entrepreneur skills.
  • Eswatini Youth
    Eswatini youth development.Building their capacity, leadership and responsibility skills
  • Central African Republic.
    Promoting girls education at Central African Republic.