Plan your studies


Finance plays major role in planning your studies in India. As per the law you can’t work in India so you need to have adequate money to sustain your studies for full course.

Tuition Fees: That you need to pay every year. That varies You can check your admission letter for exact amount that has to be paid.

Visa Cost: The study visa for India cost between 12$ to 130$ depends upon your nationality.

Accommodation: Staying in hostel including food may cost you 1500$ to 2500$ per year . If you want to stay outside the cost becomes 1200$ to 2000$ per year depend on city.

Monthly cost: India is not a costly country to survive and sustain, You may need another 10$ to 30$ per month to manage other cost.

Airfare: Please check the airfare from your country to nearest airport of your university in India. That is a costly affair and you need to check the ticket price before deciding to travel to India.


India's higher education system is the third largest in the world. The University Grants Commission is its main governing body and also oversees accreditation for higher learning.

The Indian higher education system has expanded at a fast pace by adding more than 20,000 colleges and more than 8 million students in a decade and as of today, India has more than 800 universities, with a break up of Central, State, Deemed and Private universities along with many institutions established and functioning under the State Act, and Institutes of National Importance - which include AIIMS, IIT's and NIT's among others.

Other institutions include Government Degree Colleges and Private Degree Colleges, including exclusive women's colleges, functioning under these universities and institutions. Colleges may be Autonomous, i.e. empowered to examine their own degrees, up to the PhD level in some cases, or Non-Autonomous, in which case their examinations are under the supervision of the university to which they are affiliated; in either case, however, degrees are awarded in the name of the university rather than the college.