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About Indian Universities

Students coming to India for study must check the rating of universities before taking admission. The dream can easily be shattered by taking admission in poor quality universities.

  1. All our universities are accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with a rating of A+ and above.
  2. Indian universities offer a diverse range of courses and programs at affordable tuition fees compared to universities in developed countries.
  3. Indian universities have a rich cultural heritage and provide a unique learning experience for international students.
  4. Many Indian universities have excellent facilities for research and have a strong emphasis on practical learning.
  5. Indian universities have large number of international students, which creates a diverse and inclusive learning environment.
  6. Many Indian universities offer partial scholarships through Global Arcus for international students, making it easier for International students to study in India.
  7. Indian universities provide a safe and secure environment for international students.
  8. Indian universities have a tradition of excellence in fields such as Engineering, Medical Science, and Technology, providing African students with the opportunity to study with world-renowned faculty.
  9. Indian universities have a strong alumni network, which can provide African students with valuable connections and networking opportunities after graduation.
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