• Pay fees in university account only¬†

  • Test is on Sunday and Wednesday.


About Global Arcus Scholarship

  • This is not a fully funded scholarship; this is just a partial scholarship.
  • This partial scholarship is to Study in India only.
  • Global Arcus scholarship program is open to students of all nationalities and is designed to provide partial financial assistance for studying in India.
  • The scholarship will apply for the full duration of the course.
  • The scholarship program is a competitive one, and interested students are encouraged to submit their applications early and to prepare thoroughly for the scholarship test.
  • The scholarship test is designed to assess the student's aptitude and potential for academic success in their chosen field of study.
  • The scholarship will be awarded based on eligibility and performance in the Global Arcus Scholarship test, and preference will be given to applicants with demonstrated good scores.
  • In addition to covering partial scholarships, Global Arcus will also sponsor FREE INTERNATIONAL AND DOMESTIC FLIGHT TICKETS based on the scores in the scholarship test.
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