• Pay fees in university account only¬†

  • Test is on Sunday and Wednesday.

Our Offer

About Free Flight Offer

  1. Students taking admission through Global Arcus will be provided one free International flight tickets to India. They will be eligible for free flight tickets after passing the scholarship test.
  2. Special case for Lesotho and Eswatini, students will be issued international flight tickets from Johannesburg only and Nigeria will be given either from Lagos or Abuja.
  3. Global Arcus will be providing free international and domestic (Within India) flight tickets to all students. A complimentary cab drop is also assured from domestic airport to university campus.
  4. Students will be provided with travel guidelines along with tickets to help them plan their travel suitably.
  5. Free one international flight tickets are procured from your nearest international airport to India.
  6. Free flight tickets will be provided to students only after clearing full fees to university and getting the receipt of payment from university.
  7. Visa must have been issued for the students before the flight tickets are procured.

About Monthly Allowance

  1. Students passing the scholarship test will be entitled to get a monthly allowance.
  2. Allowances will be paid only after the arrival of students.
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