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About Scholarship Exam

Global Arcus Study in India Scholarship test

Mode: Online

Duration: 120 minutes

Total questions: 60

(Questions: 20 from Basic Mathematics, 20 from English Communication, 20 from Mental Aptitude)

Passing Percentage: 60%

Results: Immediately after submission

  1. Students interested to take admission through Global Arcus scholarship program in various universities have to appear for an online scholarship test.
  2. The scholarship test will be taken from the student portal that each student receives upon registration with Global Arcus.
  3. Students need to pass the test to guarantee the eligibility for this scholarship. However, if they fail once they can apply for a retest, with an understanding that the retest will be the final chance to acquire the scholarship.
  4. The test will an online test and the students need to be available on video for the entire duration of test.
  5. The scholarship test will include basic Maths, English and Aptitude questions. Students need to prepare accordingly to pass the test.
  6. Passing the test only guarantees the scholarship offered through Global Arcus, Final admission will be confirmed on verification of educational documents by the university.
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